In the Beginning: Whispers, a Maggie Maitland Mystery

When Susan Reiss first approached me about working with her on a serialized mystery to be published by Attraction Magazine, I immediately said ‘yes’. I can’t tell you what she said in that opening conversation, because all I remember is the thrill I felt at receiving her generous offer. And the fear that immediately followed. I wasn’t sure what I was saying ‘yes’ to, but I wanted in. I write mysteries, I love old radio serials, Susan is fun to work with and the folks at Attraction couldn’t be more supportive. We all jumped into the adventure and the result is WHISPERS, a Maggie Maitland Mystery.

Every novelist has her own method for producing the finished product, but all have certain steps in common. Finding a publisher is often the hardest. With that hurdle out of the way at the onset, we were ‘only’ left with planning, plotting and production. After an evening of discussing murder and mayhem with Attraction editor Jenn Latham, Susan and I had No. 1 wrapped up. Maggie Maitland was fully realized as were the other main characters in the serial. Later, we would declare that Surfer Girl chardonnay was responsible for a lot of revisions in the original plan, but that evening of “what if” , “how about” and “I know how we can kill him!” was wonderful.

Then the work began. We accepted the assignment from Attraction in March. Publication was set to begin the end of April. Susan and I had to outline the novel, plot it in 32 episodes, outline each episode and produce the first five for publication in less than six weeks. Fortunately, Maggie Maitland, her friends (and enemies) all cooperated and we are thrilled to announce that WHISPERS, a Maggie Maitland Mystery is in publication. The first episode is in print, four are keyed up for weekly publication at, and the rest are steadily coming to life. Join us each week and watch Maggie’s story unfold and also join Susan and me in our blogs and articles related to the series. We are having a blast on this rollercoaster ride and we hope you’ll enjoy the fun with us.

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