Talbot Humane’s Annual Bark in the Park Oct. 10th!

Callie, whose new name is Daisy

Will you find love in the park?

Do you want a friend, a trustworthy confidant and unconditional love? Do you like long walks on the beach and cuddles? Need a BFF who will follow you anywhere? Talbot Humane could have your canine soulmate and Bark in the Park is the perfect opportunity to find out.

Talbot Humane will have all of their adoptable dogs at the sixth annual Bark in the Park Festival that will be held on October 10 in Idlewild Park in Easton. Susan Reiss and I were fortunate enough to meet many of the dogs during a tour of the Easton facilities last Friday. Vivian, Jade, Sydney and Diesel will all make an appearance in WHISPERS serial mystery this week. (www.Attractionmag.com) Main character, Maggie Maitland, is adopting a dog and lucky for Maggie, the perfect candidate turned out to be at Talbot Humane. The real life Callie, a Boston Terrier, has captured fictional Maggie’s heart. But good news for readers – Callie and all of her friends are still available for adoption from Talbot Humane.

And why is that? Why are sweet little Callie, big, dignified Diesel and all of the other dogs waiting for someone to give them the home they deserve? There are as many reasons as there are dogs needing homes. Some were lost, some abandoned. Many were surrendered by owners who could no longer care for them. Each one has a story.

A lost job, an injury, an unexpected move.
A cute puppy that really did grown into those big feet and out of a small apartment.
A faithful companion left homeless when her owner dies.

Dogs can suddenly be homeless for any number of reasons. Sometimes the very best thing a responsible dog owner without resources can do is to take his friend to Talbot Humane and give them another chance at a loving home.

We are all shaped to some degree by our experiences and this is true for dogs, too. Some need more care than others, but all of the adoptable dogs at Talbot Humane can be the perfect companion in the right home. Family dogs, one person dogs. Dogs that will thrive as the second or third pet in a household and dogs that will shine as the center of attention. Big athletic dogs and little lap warmers, puppies and easy-going older dogs. Whatever your need, sooner or later the perfect dog will come into your life and the doorway might be Talbot Humane.

They aren’t puppies anymore, but Diesel, Jade, Vivian and Sydney are healthy, energetic dogs who have so much to give to anyone lucky enough to love them. Like all dogs, they have an infinite capacity for adaptability, compassion and love. As humans, we spend our whole lives learning about ourselves. Dogs know it all from their first breath – it’s all about the love.

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