Progress, Distractions and Issues

In January’s blog, I wrote about resuming work on my mystery novel, Adverse Possession. I was fresh off completion of Whispers, a 33-week serial that Susan Reiss and I wrote for Attraction Magazine. I was getting used to writing on my own again and eager to complete the first draft of Adverse. So far, so good. I am well past 93,000 words and closing in on the final pages. I’ve also gotten sidetracked by a new toy and a problem I didn’t know I had.

I’m an easy sell for software and Scrivener has been calling to me for a while now. Back in December, I finally gave in. This super-cool writing software is turning out to be every bit the God-send its testimonials proclaim. Every day I seem to stumble over a new feature that makes me happy. Just imagine what I could accomplish if I actually followed the instructions. The only downside to Scrivener, so far, is my growing obsession with the neat trick that lets me highlight a series of files and see the word count. I can also get the word and page count for the entire draft in a few seconds. I spend way too much time doing the ‘How Much Have I Done Now’ search. I wouldn’t be surprised to find there is a Scrivener alarm to tell me to knock it off and get back to writing.

My other writing distraction of late has been the worrisome matter of the Title. I use the capital ‘T’ because it is an Issue. My novel is a mystery, the first of a series involving a woman who inherits a house, angry relatives and a sixty-year-old murder. The first working title was Squatters’ Rights. Then, never being enamored of the word ‘squat’ (painful exercises, those), I changed to Adverse Possession. I’ve recently learned that this nice, legal term has given some people the very wrong impression that I am writing horror. Zombies and vampires and possession, get it? Now I’m toying with Nine-tenths of the Law. So far two people I’ve polled sort of like it. Neither of them is me.

Onward toward March, a completed first draft, a solid start at rewrites and a Title. Wish me luck!

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One thought on “Progress, Distractions and Issues

  1. Sounds like big progress and I love your plan. Also, I would like to hear more about the new software and the advantages it provides. Thanks!


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