COMING IN 2016 2017

While it’s motivating to publicly announce an ambitious goal, there’s always a chance you will publicly fail to meet it. When that happens you have two choices: you can forget your self-imposed deadline and hope everyone else does, too, or you can ‘fess up and move on. Pledging to release two books in 2016 was just crazy talk. Now there are only 4 days left in 2016 and Santa didn’t leave the last fifty edited pages of Squatter’s Rights under the tree. (What was he thinking? I’ve been good. Mostly. Well, at least twice that I remember clearly.) Anyway, since Santa ate the cookies (I’m just sayin’) but didn’t finish my homework for me, the odds are SR won’t be in print in 2016.

There are good reasons why I failed to meet my publishing goals for this year. In fact, there are so many reasons, listing all of them would eat up today’s writing time. Also, each and every one of those reasons is my fault. Well, not the vacations and long weekends with the twins and family visits – I was just a willing participant in those. Sometimes the instigator. Okay, those are on me, too. But then there is my writing partner. While she patiently listens to all of my ideas and stays right next to me while I work, she insists on frequent cookie breaks and long walks. She’ll also sleep on the laptop if it’s left open and within her reach. What a big, shaggy Goldendoodle head can do to a keyboard still amazes me.

But, as I am apt to say in all kinds of situations, this failure just can’t be my fault. For proof, I submit a pictorial summary of my year of writing distractions blessings. I’ll be a lucky girl, indeed, if 2017 will just mirror the last twelve months.

Here’s wishing the best of everything wonderful to you and yours in the new year!



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