Eastern Shore Mysteries

Who is buried in the backyard?


There’s a grave in the woods behind the grandest house in town.

Three hundred years of history are in the beams and crumbling plaster of Delaney House. Seven thousand square feet of trash and dirt cover secrets, lies and at least one murder. Julia Reagan dreamed of saving her family home but time ran out. Her dying wish sends her daughter, a Washington attorney, to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to renovate the decaying mansion and deal with the relatives who never left the sleepy village on the Chesapeake Bay. Before she can buy the first can of paint, Grace finds a grave, a murder and tantalizing clues to her own hidden past. If you like a good murder with family drama and historical events that won’t stay in the past, you’ll love “Squatter’s Rights”.

Old Lies + Old Loves = Murder

Welcome to the Eastern Shore!