Until the Next Adventure

On April 28, the first episode of a new weekly mystery serial Whispers, A Maggie Maitland Mystery was published in Attraction Magazine’s print and on-line editions. With today’s final episode, the story ends, questions are answered and puzzles are solved. In deference to readers who have told us they read the episodes in batches, no spoiler alerts here. Except to say we especially loved wrapping up Maggie’s adventures during Midnight Madness in St. Michaels. Who electrocuted Finn? Stabbed Paulina? Will Rose finally get Joanie’s baby? And what is in those cookies? Get the answers to all your Whispers questions at http://www.attractionmag.com.

To all of our readers, a heartfelt “Thank you”. You have made this grand experiment a joy and a privilege. And to the Attraction staff – you are the best! Thanks for a fun ride. Until the next adventure…..

THE (Almost) END

Thanksgiving is four days away; Christmas is on the horizon and what happens in between? WHISPERS, A Maggie Maitland Mystery will post for the last time in Attraction Magazine.

On December 1, the final installment will answer all the questions that have plagued Maggie and her friends since April 28, when WHISPERS debuted in print and online.

Eight months of murder, mayhem and oddities (just WHO is Snake Man, anyway?) will all be answered in the final three episodes. What more could possibly happen? Catch up where you left off or read from Episode One, but get ready for the last weeks of WHISPERS – You won’t believe what’s coming next! Get more Maggie at http://www.attractionmag.com.

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Talbot Humane’s Annual Bark in the Park Oct. 10th!

Callie, whose new name is Daisy

Will you find love in the park?

Do you want a friend, a trustworthy confidant and unconditional love? Do you like long walks on the beach and cuddles? Need a BFF who will follow you anywhere? Talbot Humane could have your canine soulmate and Bark in the Park is the perfect opportunity to find out.

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Toby Jugs and Mugs

2015-07-19 09.06.14With my pipe in one hand and my jug in the other
I drink to my neighbors and friends
All my cares in a whiff of tobacco I smother
For life, I know, shortly must end
From: The True Hearted Fellow – British drinking song, circa 1835

For years the Tobys sat on a small bookcase at the end of a long hall in my mother-in-law’s home. Ron and I inherited the whimsical collection and have added to it without giving much thought to the history behind the little earthenware and china vessels. Tobys are modeled on characters from British history and literature. Sherlock Holmes and Captain Hook joined us as a nod to our love of mystery novels. Others Tobys were just in our paths at the right time and at the right price. Ours is a hodge-podge collection, not unlike a group of friends who meet in the village pub for a cool beer on a warm summer evening.

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Location, Location, Location

The location of a fictional mystery story is as important as the characters. In fact, the location can be a character that changes, speaks and reveals aspects of itself to the reader. The Whispers mystery is set right here on the Mid-Shore, a vibrant location, intriguing and full of surprises. Susan and I were excited about adding aspects of the area and local events to our story and so began a series of many miscalculations regarding the work involved in writing a serial mystery.

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By Any Other Name

Whispers_300x250FINALWith all due respect to Shakespeare, I agree with W. C. Fields, who said: “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”
Naming characters always starts out to be fun and the first name an author gives a character usually comes easy. Finding one that sticks, one that the character herself will answer to, not so much. And the difficulty grows exponentially by the number of writers involved in the process.


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In the Beginning: Whispers, a Maggie Maitland Mystery

When Susan Reiss first approached me about working with her on a serialized mystery to be published by Attraction Magazine, I immediately said ‘yes’. I can’t tell you what she said in that opening conversation, because all I remember is the thrill I felt at receiving her generous offer. And the fear that immediately followed. I wasn’t sure what I was saying ‘yes’ to, but I wanted in. I write mysteries, I love old radio serials, Susan is fun to work with and the folks at Attraction couldn’t be more supportive. We all jumped into the adventure and the result is WHISPERS, a Maggie Maitland Mystery.

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